psychological science

the science of mental life
Syn: ↑psychology
Derivationally related forms: ↑psychological (for: ↑psychology), ↑psychologist (for: ↑psychology)
Members of this Topic:
adjusted, ↑maladjusted, ↑extinguished, ↑introjected, ↑introversive, ↑introvertive, ↑extroversive, ↑extraversive, ↑ambiversive, ↑molar, ↑molecular, ↑normal, ↑abnormal, ↑exceptional, ↑conditioned, ↑learned, ↑ambiguous, ↑proactive, ↑retroactive, ↑idiographic, ↑nomothetic, ↑abient, ↑adient, ↑associational, ↑attentional, ↑presentational, ↑habit, ↑use, ↑rehearsal, ↑inhibition, ↑suppression, ↑behavior, ↑behaviour, ↑extraversion, ↑extroversion, ↑introversion, ↑ambiversion, ↑persona, ↑image, ↑set, ↑readiness, ↑anima, ↑double bind, ↑process, ↑cognitive process, ↑mental process, ↑operation, ↑cognitive operation, ↑constancy, ↑perceptual constancy, ↑unitization, ↑unitisation, ↑chunking, ↑introjection, ↑generalization, ↑generalisation, ↑stimulus generalization, ↑stimulus generalisation, ↑reinforcing stimulus, ↑reinforcer, ↑reinforcement, ↑law of effect, ↑associationism, ↑association theory, ↑atomism, ↑functionalism, ↑Gestalt psychology, ↑configurationism, ↑experimenter bias, ↑sublimation, ↑abience, ↑adience, ↑clinician, ↑extrovert, ↑extravert, ↑introvert, ↑sensitization, ↑sensitisation, ↑psychological state, ↑psychological condition, ↑mental state, ↑mental condition, ↑strain, ↑mental strain, ↑nervous strain, ↑tension, ↑tenseness, ↑stress, ↑breaking point, ↑delusion, ↑psychotic belief, ↑isolate, ↑project, ↑externalize, ↑externalise, ↑internalize, ↑internalise, ↑interiorize, ↑interiorise, ↑apperceive
Hypernyms: ↑science, ↑scientific discipline

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